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35+ Valentine Cards Kids Can Make

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I like to gather handmade Valentine ideas every year to use for my boys.

While I’m a big fan of non-candy Valentine treats, I also like cards that are easy enough for kids to create.

So today I’m sharing a collection of Valentine cards kids can make.

Valentine cards kids can make. Heart, flower, handprint and footprint cards for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids. Easy Valentine's Day handmade cards

There are so many really cute ideas for kids of all ages.

From heart and flower cards to handprint and footprint cards.

There is something for everyone.

A toddler will like to create fingerprint hearts, a preschooler will enjoy a suncatcher card, a kindergartner can try his/her first origami project and older kids will have plenty of other choices.

Valentine cards kids can make. Heart, flower, handprint and footprint cards.

My youngest is into Star Wars these days so I know that for him I’ll have to check out this collection of Star Wars Valentines (30 free printables).

Valentine's Day heart cards

Valentine heart bee and ladybug cards – one template for two cards

Marbled heart card -inspired by the book: ” The Day It Rained Hearts”

Paper quilling heart card – a basic quilling project for kids

Heart pop-up Valentine card – this is an amazing looking card

Puzzle heart card – I’ll always be a piece of your heart!

Origami heart card – a simple origami project for kids

Lift-the-flap Valentine chocolates card – lift the flap to reveal secret messages from the your kid

Heart hot air balloon card – love is in the air!

Heart-shaped ladybug card – it’s all about hearts : big and small

Paper quilling heart card – a nice bouquet of heart flowers

Heart notebook – it come with a free printable

Monoprint heart card for kids to make for Mother's Day or Valentines. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Monoprint heart cards – Such a fun technique to make cards

Heart bouquet card – Scribble each heart for a more personal touch

I love you to pieces card – a card and a heart suncatcher

Pop-up heart card – decorate with shiny stickers

Squishy heart card – You make my heart squishy!

Folded heart notes – Fold a heart into a cute and tiny envelope

Heart and flower card – The flower is made from hearts too

Thumbprint heart card – an easy card idea for young kids

3D heart cards – I like the 3D effect

Heart collage card – I love you to pieces!

Birch tree card – turn your kid’s art project into a card

Valentine cards: Handprint and footprint cards

I Love You hand card – colorful and beautiful

3D heart and handprint card – write a short message on the heart inside

I Hand You My Heart handprint card – it comes with a printable

Kissing hand pop card – inspired by The Kissing Hand book

I Love You To Pieces handprint card  – it has a little hidden suncatcher heart

Love bug handprint card – personalize it with your kid’s photo

Footprint bee Valentine's Day card

Footprint bee card – what a darling card

Footprint race car Valentine – You have my heart race!

Bee Mine Valentine card – another version of the footprint bee card

Valentine cards – Valentine’s Day flower cards

Dear Valentine, you make my grow card – add a heart-shaped candy for a sweeter effect

Tulip card – tulip template available

Heart bouquet cards – these cards look amazing

Crumbled paper flower card – make the flowers with circles

Mini vase cards – real flower cards

Heart flower cards – heart template available

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