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25 Ways for kids to decorate Easter eggs

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If you want to go beyond the store bought dye kit and not leave your little one out of the decorating fun, here are 25 creative yet easy ways for kids to decorate Easter eggs this year. I must say I was impressed to discover so many awesome decorating methods, from stickers to crayons and tissue paper to pom poms. All the methods listed below are doable by young kids. Some of the eggs were decorated even by babies.

I think the hardest part would be to pick your favorite decorating way. I personally love them all.

Save this list for later.

Ways for kids to decorate Easter eggs

Ways for kids to decorate Easter eggs

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Ways for kids to decorate Easter eggs

  • My oldest loves to draw so I know we’ll have to give these melted crayon Easter eggs a try this year. The only downside of this technique is that the drawing has to be done while the eggs are still hot. Be careful if you’re decorating eggs with young kids.
  • We have decorated with crayon shavings in the past and the eggs turned out great. Use one color or several for each egg. See full instructions here.
  • Sometimes pom poms is all you need to decorate Easter eggs. Use mini pom poms in pastel colors or neon pom poms to create adorable pom pom Easter eggs.
  • Grab your washi tape, cut it in a zig zag pattern or any other way you want and wrap it around the eggs to make beautiful washi tape Easter eggs.
  • We all love confetti, right? It’s colorful, joyful, festive. Why not use a bag of confetti to make confetti Easter eggs?

Ways for kids to decorate Easter eggs. Safe for babies and toddlers

  • The gorgeous Easter eggs at the top of the collage are created by a baby. She used acrylic paint. I would recommend non-toxic natural paint.
  • The volcano eggs are the result of a science experiment – my boys’ favorite science experiment : baking soda and vinegar volcanoes.
  • The scratch and glitter eggs use a very interesting decorating technique. I’ve seen this technique used before to create the Northern lights on a canvas but it never occurred to me that it would also work on eggs.
  • Got a hot glue gun? If so, use it to make beautiful hot glue Easter eggs. For young kids make sure to get an ultra low temp glue gun and low temp glue sticks.
  • Another technique with similar results is to draw with a white crayon on the eggs before dyeing them. Find the tutorial here.

Ways for kids to decorate Easter eggs: shaving cream, fingerprints, sharpies and polka dots

Ways for kids to decorate Easter eggs: rubber band, glitter, cool aid, chalk paint




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