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15 School Bus Crafts

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Get your kids ready for back to school with some of the best school bus crafts. Easy and great for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids.

School bus crafts for kids. Easy back to school crafts for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids

When my kids were in preschool, they both looked forward to turning 4. This is when they were allowed to take the school bus and go on field trips with the rest of their classmates. That was extremely exciting! For both them and me. I enjoyed volunteering and being a field trip chaperon.  Thus I got to ride a school bus for the first time.

I grew up in Romania and we would always walk to school. My elementary school was a block away from our apartment building. The high school was another story. It involved a 20-minute walk. But we were older so we didn’t mind it. Rain or shine we would walk to school.

This year both my boys will go to school and will get to ride the school bus together every day. I hope they won’t fight over the window seat, though. There are lots of kids on our street taking the same bus so they will be with friends and neighbors and I love that.

School bus crafts collage

When we crafted our school bus shape card, my oldest asked me if that was for the bus driver? Any of the school bus crafts below, can make a fun little gift for your bus drivers. Give it to them on the first day of school. It will put a big smile on their face.

Somehow our collection of 100+ easy crafts for kids doesn’t contain too many back to school crafts. But this is something to work on this autumn. We do have plenty of fall crafts that you can do at home with your kids once they come back from school.

School bus crafts

School bus crafts 1

Learn how to make a school bus out of a box with a tutorial from Toddler Approved

A school bus shape card –  It comes with a school bus template printable

Count down the days until school starts with a school bus countdown kid craft

Use craft sticks to make a school bus photo frame.

School bus crafts 2

An easy school bus printable craft – Young kids will love it

Egg carton school buses – Imagine a classroom decorated with such beautiful school buses

School bus crafts 3

How to make a school bus from a paper roll

A school bus craft printable to color or add photos to

A school bus pencil holder – practical and fun

Make an adorable back to school photo frame with craft sticks

School bus crafts 4

Make a school bus craft with a paper plate and paper rolls

A footprint school bus is a cute keepsake

Easy school bus craft with paper roll printed wheels

Practice shapes with a paper plate school bus craft

How adorable is this bubblewrap school bus?

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