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3D Shape Penguin Craft

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If your looking for an easy and fun winter craft to make with your kids, look no further than this adorable 3D shape penguin craft. Little ones will practice their fine motor skills while cutting and gluing the penguin together. They will also review shapes: circle, triangle, oval and rectangle.

3D shape penguin craft to make with kids this winter. Arctic animal craft #wintercraft #penguins

3D shape penguin craft

3D shape penguin craft for kids


3D shape penguin craft - circle, oval, rectangle and triangle

Step 1: Trace the patterns on coordinating construction or cardstock paper.

You will need: 1 black oval body, 4 white circle belly, 2 orange rectangle feet, 2 black triangle wings, 2 white circle eyes and 1 orange triangle beak.

You can cut out the circles for the belly and eyes directly from the printed template, no need to trace them on white construction paper.

Step 2: Fold all the 4 big white circles in half.

Apply glue to one of the folded halves of a penguin belly.

Attach another folded circle onto the first and align them together. 

Do the same with the rest of the circles till all 4 circles are attached.

Apply glue to the two ends and stick them to the bottom of the black oval.

Step 3: Glue the feet under the belly.

Step 4: Glue the wings, one on each side of the body.

Step 5: Glue the eye circles on top of the belly and the beak under the eyes.

3D shape penguin craft

Step 6: Use a round paint sponge and black paint to make a small black circle in the middle of each white eye circle.


Sharing is caring!