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All about me apple craft

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It’s back to school season and this All About Me apple craft is a great idea for teachers to use on the first day of school. Engage preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids in crafting, coloring and writing about themselves.

All about me apple craft

The apples can be easily turned into a nice banner to decorate the classroom or the hallway with. Also they can make a beautiful bulletin board idea.

Or use the craft for Open House and send the students home with the apples to fill them out and bring them back on the first day of school. Then they can share them with their classmates and discover what things they have in common with the others.

All about me apple craft for preschoolers and kindergartners

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What I love about this craft is that it has big patterns easy for little hands to cut. There are only four patterns: the apple, stem, leaf and a circle with all the student’s information that is glued in the middle of the apple.

And how darling are the words All About Me on the leaf?

The template I created for this apple craft also comes with a coloring page.

All about me apple coloring page

Included on the headband:

  • My name: _______
  • Birthday: _______
  • Age: ______

My favorites:

  • Color: ______
  • Book: ______
  • Food: ______


Back to school All about me apple craft

If you’re looking for an All about me craft with a bit more information about students, please take a look at this All about me paper hat. Some of the elements on the headband will require introspective thinking, like ” I am good at:….”

All about me apple craft

All about me apple banner

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How to make the All About Me apple

All about me apple craft for back to school

Print the patterns on colored paper (the colors are mentioned on each page of the template).

Fill out the information on the white circle and then glue it in the middle of the apple.


Glue the stem at the top of the apple.


Glue the leaf at the bottom of the stem.


Sharing is caring!