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This is ME!

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I created the “This is ME!” printable as part of our back to school crafts. It’s a one page printable that includes My Handprint, Self Portrait and This Is How I Write My Name. Fun and perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners to try on the first day of school.

Last fall I focused on paper apple crafts, like this apple life cycle spinner, and the year before I created a lot of paper plate apples (check out this paper plate yarn weaving apple). This fall my focus is on back to school crafts and I started with this first day of school apple spinner.

This is ME! is a no prep activity that teachers will love.

This is me! back to school printable

I love handprint crafts and enjoy looking back at the crafts I made with my boys years ago or the ones they brought back from school and see how smaller their handprints were. That’s the reason I included the handprint frame into this printable.

Also it’s nice to see how their handwriting evolves in time and what better way to notice it other than with their own name.

The third frame is a self portrait.

This is me! printable for first day of school

If you’re looking for a writing back to school craft, make sure to come back for an All about me! activity that I will post in a few days.

This is ME! printable

This is me! printable for preschool and kindergarten

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How to use the “This is ME! printable

Use a sponge paint brush to apply paint on the kid’s hand and have them press their hands in the “My handprint” frame.

Students draw and color their portrait in the “Self portrait” frame.

Students use a black marker to write their name.

Sharing is caring!