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Earth Tree Craft

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Our “We can help the Earth” tree craft will encourage your students to think about ways they can help the planet.

Earth Tree Craft for kids

Looking for something a big more involved for your Earth Day classroom or at-home crafts? This “We can help the Earth” tree craft is perfect for either collaborative classroom efforts or for group projects.

The idea behind this fun craft is simple: each leaf on the tree represents one thing that the kids can do to make a difference. It could be something as small as turning off the lights when leaving the room or bringing a reusable water bottle to school.

Earth Tree Craft printable template

The overall effect of the entire tree, when finished, is a collaborative effort showing how many little things can make a big difference in the end.

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The tree craft can be adapted to different classroom sizes and ages.

Earth Tree Craft to teach kids how we can help our planet

Each student can create their own tree to display in the classroom, or the class can split into groups and make several trees to decorate the hallways. You could even have the classroom make one large tree, depending on the classroom size.

The craft itself is straightforward and requires only paper, scissors, glue and marker, making it easily adaptable for younger preschoolers and older kids.

easy Earth Tree Craft printable for the classroom

By creating this tree craft together, your students will learn the importance of taking care of the Earth and how even small actions can make a big difference.

Earth tree craft

Earth Tree Craft for Earth Day

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Print the template on cardstock paper. The colors are mentioned on each page.

The Earth comes with two options:

-Print and color

-Print the patterns on colored paper and glue them together

Step-by-step instructions

Start by gluing the continents on the Earth.


Glue the tree at the top of the Earth.


Use a black marker to write on leaves ways you can help the Earth. One thing per leaf.


Glue the leaves on the tree branches.

Earth Day craft

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