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I Can Help the Earth Headband

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Are you getting ready for Earth Day, starting a lesson plan on the environment, or are simply ready to help your kids learn about ways they can help the Earth? Then you’ll love this I Can Help the Earth headband craft!

I Can Help the Earth headband

The I can help the Earth paper hat craft is perfect for any age group. Preschoolers will love making their very own crown, while older kids will enjoy the challenge of coming up with unique ways that they can help the planet. The template comes with primary or single lined paper options so you can tailor it even further to the right age group.

I Can Help the Earth headband - color and write Earth Day craft

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If you’re looking to help children improve their motor skills, this is an excellent craft choice. Not only will kids practice these skills by cutting out the headband, but if you choose the black and white template, they can color it in!

To complete this activity, kids will color the headband (if you’re using the black and white template) and then list three ways that they can help the Earth. If you’re a teacher, you could make this a collaborative effort or you can allow students to think of ways they can help on their own.

coloring crown for kids to make for Earth Day


This craft is part of an amazing Earth Day craft bundle. Make sure to check it out.

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If you think that kids can’t do anything to help out the planet, think again! There are a lot of things, big and small, that kids can do to make a difference. For instance, did you know that asking their parents to switch from paper and plastic lunch bags to reusable boxes reduces plastic waste?

No matter what age group you teach or nurture, they’ll enjoy this I can help the Earth headband!

I Can Help the Earth Headband

easy I Can Help the Earth headbands

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Step by step instructions

Print the headband on white paper.

Color the front piece, if using the black and white template.

color and write

Use a black marker to write 3 ways you can help the Earth.

tape sides

Tape the two side panels to the front piece.

tape into a paper hat

Bend the paper strip into a circle. Wrap the band around the kid’s head to check for fit. Tape the ends together.

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