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Farm Animal Paper Hats

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These farm animal paper hats are great crafts for kids to make before a visit to a farm, play pretend or an animal-themed party.

Farm animal crafts have a special charm that captivates children. They offer a playful way to introduce kids to the diverse world of animals.

Farm Animal Paper Hats crafts for kids

Crafting these barnyard favorites can be a fun activity, yet it doubles as a learning opportunity.

As kids ones cut, glue, and color, they’re not only working on their fine motor skills but also learning about the animals they’re recreating.

The hands-on experience helps embed knowledge about farm life in a way that stories and pictures alone cannot match.

By bringing animals like cows, pigs, and ducks into art projects, we foster educational discussions about habitats, diets, and the role these creatures play in our world.

Plus, imagining life on the farm through crafts is an ideal way to integrate real-world learning with creative development.

Farm Animal Paper Hats

Farm Animal Paper Hats

Farm animal paper hats are fun and creative accessories for kids. These are simple crafts that can be made by kids of all ages in the classroom or at home.

Making these headbands isn’t only a great activity to keep kids entertained, but it also encourages their creativity and helps them work on fine motor skills. They are perfect for dress-up play, farm-themes parties, or even just a day of imaginative play at home.

All these farm animal paper hats come with easy printable templates both pre-colored and black and white for kids to color with crayons, colored pencils or markers.

I added up all templates in a fun 9-farm animal paper hat bundle, but you can also click on each paper crown to get individual printables.

Cow paper hat – A fun accessory to make before a visit to a dairy farm.

Fun facts about cows:

Cows Have Unique Moos: Just like you recognize your friends’ voices, cows can identify each other by their unique moos. Each cow’s moo is a bit different, so they know who’s “talking” in the herd.

Super Smellers: Cows have an incredible sense of smell and can detect odors up to six miles away. That’s like if you could smell a pie baking from the next town over!

Memory Masters: Cows have excellent memories. They remember people, places, and even other cows for a long time. So, chances are, a cow would remember you if you met before!

Social Butterflies: Cows are quite social and form close friendships within their herds. They tend to hang out with their besties and can get stressed if they’re separated from them.

Sheep paper hat – Color your own sheep paper hat or use the pre-colored headband template version.

Fun facts about sheep:

Wooly Jumpers: Sheep have an amazing wool coat that keeps them warm during cold times. Every year, they get a haircut called shearing, and we use their wool to make cozy sweaters!

Counting Sheep: You may have heard about counting sheep to fall asleep, but did you know a group of sheep is called a flock, and some people actually help take care of them by herding?

Memory Masters: These fluffy creatures have great memories. They can remember other sheep and even people for years, which is pretty impressive, right?

Baa Baa Talk: Sheep communicate by baaing, and lambs know their mother’s call from just a few hours old. It’s their way of talking to each other on the farm.

Donkey paper hat – This makes a fun and easy classroom farm animal craft for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Fun facts about donkeys:

Strength: Donkeys can be stronger than horses of the same size.

Sleep: Donkeys sleep in short periods throughout the day, usually no more than five hours at a time.

Fur: Donkeys don’t like being in the rain for long periods of time because their fur isn’t waterproof. One breed, the Poitou donkey, is known for being especially hairy.

Chick paper hats – How cute are these paper hats to make on a spring day?

Fun facts about chickens:

Sleeping: Chickens have a REM phase of sleep, just like humans, which indicates that they are dreaming.

Bathing: Chickens take dust baths, which is an instinct that helps keep them clean and their feathers shiny. To take a dust bath, a chicken digs a shallow hole, loosens the dirt, and then covers itself in it.

Evolution: Chickens are technically dinosaurs and are the closest living relatives to the T. rex. All birds are dinosaurs because one lineage of dinosaurs survived the mass extinction 65 million years ago.

Horse paper hat – Make this headband for an animal-themed birthday party.

Fun facts about horses:

Horses have a huge field of vision: Their eyes are on the sides of their head, so they can see nearly 360 degrees around them.

They can sleep both standing up and lying down: For a quick nap, they’ll doze on their feet, but they lie down for deep sleep.

They talk with their ears: Horses use ear positions to show how they’re feeling, like pointing their ears forward when they’re curious.

Pig paper hat – This headband is too cute not to become a kids’ favorite!

Fun facts about pigs:

Pigs are intelligent animals: Believe it or not, pigs are some of the smartest farm animals around. They can learn tricks just like dogs and often outsmart others with their cleverness.

They can be quite vocal: If you listen carefully, you’ll hear pigs communicate with a variety of oinks, grunts, and squeals, each with different meanings.

Pigs are clean animals: It might surprise you, but they prefer to keep their living areas tidy and even designate a spot for the bathroom away from where they eat and sleep.

There are many breeds: Over 500 different breeds of pigs exist worldwide, and they come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Cat paper hat – If kids prefer a gray or black cat, they can color the black and white template option, instead of using the pre-colored orange cat headband.

Fun facts about cats:

Cats have superpowers: Well, sort of! They can leap up to six times their body length in a single jump. Imagine if you could jump across your entire classroom in one go!

Purrfect communication: Cats purr for various reasons, not just when they’re happy. They also purr to comfort themselves when they’re scared or hurt.

Night vision champions: These furry friends can see in light levels six times lower than what a human needs. That’s why they find their way around so easily at night!

Napping champions: Love a good nap? Cats do too! They can sleep for 12-16 hours a day, making them professional snoozers.

Duck paper hat – Such a simple farm animal paper hat for kids!

Fun facts about ducks:

Ducks have waterproof feathers: Thanks to an oil produced in a gland near their tail, when ducks preen, they spread this oil over their feathers, making them super water-resistant!

They can sleep with one eye open: Ducks can take a snooze while keeping one eye on the lookout for potential threats — half their brain stays active to keep them safe!

Great divers: To find food, many ducks dive underwater. They can plunge several feet below the surface and stay submerged for up to a minute.

Migration for miles: Ducks are long-distance champs, with some species traveling thousands of miles between their breeding and wintering grounds every year.

Dog paper hat – What a cute puppy face!

Fun facts about dogs:

Senses: Dogs can smell 40–100,000 times better than humans, and hear sounds four times farther away. Their noses are wet to help them absorb chemicals.

Lifespan: The average lifespan of a dog is 10–14 years.

Evolution and history: Dogs evolved from wolves, and scientific evidence suggests they were domesticated over 15,000 years ago.

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