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He Is Risen Diorama Craft

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A simple He Is Risen diorama craft for kids to make and learn about the true meaning of Easter. It comes with an easy printable template.

The Easter Story

The tale of Easter is a powerful story. It revolves around Jesus Christ and His ultimate sacrifice for humanity.

At its heart, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, three days after He was crucified.

He Is Risen diorama craft printable

This event symbolized hope and rebirth, teaching us the incredible depth of Jesus’ love.

Each segment of the story, from the Last Supper to the moment the stone rolled away from the tomb, plays a crucial role in Christian faith.

It’s a narrative of betrayal, sacrifice, and, most importantly, miraculous resurrection.

For kids, understanding this story is key to grasping the true essence of Easter—it’s not just about egg hunts and chocolate bunnies but about Jesus’ victory over death and His promise of eternal life for us all.

easy He Is Risen diorama craft for kids

Teach the True Meaning of Easter to Kids

Easter brings to mind images of chocolate eggs and adorable bunnies for many.

Yet, beneath these symbols lies a deeper story, the story of Jesus.

Kids, eager to partake in Easter crafts, can find in DIY Easter decorations, like our He Is Risen craft an opportunity to connect with Christian values.

Christ-centered crafts can serve as a tangible reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made.

By engaging in activities like creating a ‘He Is Risen’ diorama craft, children can explore the essence of this holy day.

He Is Risen diorama craft preschool

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It was Jesus’s resurrection, celebrated on Easter Sunday, that offers the greatest gift of all – salvation.

Through His death and resurrection, He opened a path for us to redemption.

Thus, while the festive hunts and decorated eggs add joy to our celebration, they also pave the way for teaching kids the true meaning of Easter – a time to reflect on Jesus’s love and the ultimate sacrifice He made for us all.

Easter Sunday School craft: He Is Risen diorama craft

What Does “He Is Risen” Mean?

This affirmation roots in the miraculous event that unfolded three days after Jesus was crucified.

It signifies His victory over death and the promise of eternal life.

For children, engaging in the creation of our He Is Risen diorama craft or Easter story crafts presents a unique way to connect with the profound truth of Jesus’ resurrection.

coloring He Is Risen diorama craft for kids

Where to Use the He Is Risen Diorama Craft?

With its easy printable template, the diorama makes a great Easter Sunday School craft to make with preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids.

If you make the diorama at home with your kids, you can use it as a holiday decoration and display it by the fireplace.

He Is Risen Diorama Craft

easy He Is Risen diorama craft for kids

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Step by Step Instructions

Print the template on white cardstock paper and color the three pieces.

color the pieces

Fold the circle in half, along the middle line. You may want to use a ruler to do the folding.

fold in half

Cut the bottom half along the dotted middle line.

cut in half

Glue the bottom, overlapping the two quarters.


Fold down the bottom of the tomb piece, apply glue and add it onto the Easter scene.

add the tomb

Glue Jesus at the top of the Easter scene.

add Jesus

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