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13 Healthy Halloween Treats for School

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Apples, bananas or cheese can be the hit of a class party if disguised as mummies, witches or Frankenstein. This list of healthy Halloween treats for school will be school approved and parent appreciated. Kids will love them, too! Besides, little ones can help making these treats for their classmates and friends.

My oldest helped me with banana ghosts last year and he sure was proud to hand them out to the kids in his class.

The treats listed below are non-candy and allergy free treats to give away at Halloween. Most of them are fruit treats with two exceptions: cheese and pretzels.

13 Healthy Halloween treats for school: banana ghost, grape Frankenstein, cheese ghosts, apple ghosts, pretzel witch broomsticks, apple witches, apple Frankenstein, grape bat snack, raisin box mummies, orange mummies, mandarin cup Jack-O-Lantern. Kids will love them! | at Non-Toy Gifts

If you’re looking for more Halloween treats to make with your kids, check out also these 27 non-candy Halloween treats (a popular list among my readers).

Healthy Halloween treats for school

13 Healthy Halloween treats for kids to bring to school

Once you are done making the treats, you can check out our Halloween crafts – plenty of easy craft ideas to try with your kids.

Frankenstein and witch treats

Apple Frankenstein, grape Frankenstein, pretzel witch broom, fruit witch treat

Apple Frankenstein  – These are sop easy to make. Replace the green apples with green pears, if you like.

Grape Frankenstein  – Green grapes in a container – super simple to put together.

Witch brooms – Kids love pretzels and they devour this treat in no time.

Witch healthy treat – Use any round fruit for this treat: apple, orange, peach.

Ghost and bat treats

Banana ghost, cheese stick ghost, apple ghost, grape bat

Banana ghosts  – These may be the easiest to make among all the healthy Halloween treats for school.

Cheese sticks  – My youngest loves cheese sticks so I really like this idea. 

Ghost treat  – Use apples or oranges and wrap them up in white tissue paper.

Grape bats – They are a variation of the butterfly snack bags and they equally cute.

Mummy, spider egg and Jack’O’Lantern treats

Spider eggs, orange mummy, GoGo pouch mummy, raisin box mummy, mandarin orange cup jack-O-Lantern

There are quite a few mummy ideas that you can use:

GoGo squeez mummy pouches – When you turn something as delicious as these pouches into mummies, you know kids will love them.

Orange mummies – How cute these mummies would look with colorful googly eyes, right?

Mummy raisin boxes – In just a few simple steps you have a delicious treat.

Spider eggs  – Make sure to grab the free printable.

Our last healthy treat are mandarin orange cups turned into Jack’O’Lanterns.

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