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Jonah and the Whale Crafts

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The story of Jonah and the whale is a well-known passage in the Old Testament. To teach it at Sunday School, you can use these easy Jonah and the whale crafts for kids.

What is the story of Jonah and the whale?

The story of Jonah and the whale is a popular Bible story that teaches us about God’s love and forgiveness.

Jonah was a prophet who was asked by God to go to the city of Nineveh and warned the people to turn away from their wicked ways. But Jonah didn’t want to go, so he tried to run away from God by boarding a ship.

However, a great storm came and the sailors realized that Jonah was the cause of it. They threw him overboard and he was swallowed by a large whale.

Inside the whale, Jonah prayed to God for forgiveness and after three days, the whale spit him out on the dry land.

Jonah then went to Nineveh and delivered God’s message. The people listened and repented and God forgave them.

This story shows us that no matter how far we run away from God, he will always be there to forgive us and give us another chance.

10 Jonah and the whale crafts for kids

What is the moral of the story of Jonah and the whale?

The story of Jonah in the whale teaches us an important moral lesson about listening and obeying God’s commands. This is a story about reconciliation, forgiveness and grace.

In the Bible story, Jonah disobeys God and tries to run away from his responsibilities. This leads him to be swallowed by a giant whale.

But instead of being angry with Jonah, God shows him mercy and forgiveness when he prays for help. This teaches us that even when we make mistakes, God is always ready to forgive us if we turn to him and ask for his help.

The story also reminds us that we should always listen to God and follow his guidance even if it may be difficult. Because in the end, God’s plan is always the best for us and will lead us to safety and happiness.

Jonah and the Whale Crafts for kids

How to teach the story of Jonah and the whale at Sunday School?

If you are a Sunday School teacher looking for creative and easy ways to teach kids about the story of Jonah and the whale, here a few ideas for you:

  • Puppet show, where the teacher uses puppets to act out the story while narrating the events.
  • Video or animated retelling of the story, followed by a discussion and reflection.
  • Have kids create a short play based on the story, allowing them to get creative and put their own spin on it.
  • Interactive games, such as a scavenger hunt where kids search for hidden objects related to the story, to make learning about Jonah and the whale both educational and enjoyable.
  • Jonah and the Whale crafts, like the ones in our list below.

Jonah and the whale handprint craft

Use the printable template and paper to create this simple Jonah and the whale craft. The best part? You can personalize the craft with your child’s handprint. This adds a special touch and makes the craft even more meaningful. This craft is not only fun and creative, but also educational and perfect person they school activity or a rainy day at home.

Jonah and the whale headband

Kids can bring the story of Jonah and the whale to life with this fun coloring paper hat! This activity not only allows children to express their creativity, but it also engages them in the story of Jonah in a hands on way. The headband features a scene from the story, with Jonah inside the belly of the whale.

Jonah and the whale interactive craft

This interactive craft will not only keep kids entertained while they help the fish and whale swim in the ocean, but will also help with fine motor skills. Children will have to paint a paper plate and create the ocean by threading yarn into holes made along the edge of the plate.

Jonah and the whale toss game

Made with a blue cup and a white balloon filled with flour and a person drawn on the balloon, this game will keep kids engaged and smiling when they manage to get Jonah in the whale.

Paper plate Jonah and the whale craft

With just a few supplies that you may already have in your household, you can make a simple yet fun paper plate craft to help kids visualize the story of how Jonah was swallowed up by a whale and then spit back out.

Jonah and the whale paper craft

I love the simplicity of this idea and the clever printable that you can use to make an interactive craft with your kids at home or, if you are a teacher, at Sunday School. Just color, glue and play.

Paper strip Jonah and the whale craft

Use the free printable to make this simple craft for preschoolers. Great for practicing scissors cutting, this idea requires that kids cut strips of blue or gray paper and layer them up in a pattern.

Paper plate Jonah and the whale craft

While this craft idea doesn’t come with a tutorial, I think creating the whale is pretty simple and doesn’t require step-by-step instructions. Inside the whale place a sandwich bag where you have poured some blue soap liquid to symbolize the ocean. But before you get to this step, make sure to use markers and draw Jonah on one side of the plastic bag.

Clothespin Jonah and the whale craft

Create the whale out of blue foam or paper, cut it in the middle and glue each half onto a clothespin. Use a pencil to draw Johan, let kids color him and then glue the bible character to the back of the bottom half of the whale.

Simple paper plate Jonah and the whale craft

This is such an easy craft idea to use with preschoolers and older kids. Have children paint a paper plate blue. Once the paint has dried, cut out a big mouth and use the cut piece as the whale’s tail. With just scrap of colored paper, create Jonah and glue him onto the plate.

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