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35+ Painted Rocks for Kids

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If you’re looking for some easy painted rocks for kids, I’ve got you covered. First you’ll have to encourage your little ones to look for some stones during your nature walks. Then come back to this collection and pick your favorite.

Painted rock ideas for kids

I don’t remember who started collecting rocks in my family: the boys or me. One thing is for sure, we’ve got by now a pretty impressive stone collection.

Sometimes when I need a certain rock size that we don’t have, I will buy some more from a craft or dollar store. But many of our rocks come from lake shores in our state and some even from our vacations.

Painted rock ideas for kids

The kids will play with them and a few will end up on their craft table, covered in paint. Their last project was to use golden paint to create gold rocks for their treasure chests.

Today I have gathered 37 rock painting ideas.

Nature, bugs, birds and animals painting rock ideas

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Here are some of the supplies you will need to paint rocks:

Play pretend painted rocks for kids

Car track rocks by Playtivities

Easy miniature campfire craft by Box of Ideas

Painted stone rainbow craft for kids. Celebrate spring with a fun and easy craft for toddlers and older kids. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Rainbow rocks by Non-Toy Gifts

Mud kitchen food by Munchkins and Moms

Rock fish pond by Make It Your Own

Nature, birds, bugs and animals painting rock ideas

Ladybugs by Easy Peasy and Fun

Flamingo by Hello, Wonderful

Lady dragons (source unknown)

Cactus rocks by The Best Ideas for Kids

Frogs by Martha Steward

Owls by Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Snails by Kids Craft Room

Mouse rocks by I Heart Crafty Things

Gift painted rocks

Rock necklace by The Artful Parent

Rock photo holder by Buggy and Buddy

Stone ring by Red Ted Art

My Dad Rocks! by Non-Toy Gifts

Garden markers by Crafts by Amanda

Learning activities with painted rocks for kids

Emotions story stones by Where Imagination Grows

Galaxy rocks by Color Made Happy

Alphabet rocks by Hello, Wonderful

Flag rocks by Non-Toy Gifts

Weather stones by The Craft Train

People painted rocks for kids

Family painted rocks by Whatever…

Face rocks by Isabelle Kessedjian

Mix and match painted rocks by Nora Menzel

PAINTED ROCK PEOPLE. Kids can use these happy face stones for creative play. Fun activity for children of all ages. | at Non Toy Gifts

Painted rock people by Non-Toy Gifts

Rock art

Kandinsky inspired rock art by Arty Crafty Kids

Rock magnets by Alisa Burke

Black and white painted rocks – source unknown

Heart painted rocks (source unknown)

Painted rock art by Typically Simple

More rock crafts for kids

Dyed decorated rocks by Twitchetts

Fluffy pet rocks by The Craft Train

Mess-free sticker rocks by Fireflies and Mud Pies

Heart rocks (source unknown)

Fish rocks by hello, Wonderful

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