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Paper Flower Bouquet

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We created this paper flower bouquet as an easy craft to celebrate moms and grandmas on Mother’s Day. But it really can be used for any special occasion like a birthday of someone important in your kid’s life, an aunt or a teacher.

paper flower bouquet

The paper flower bouquet is a nice addition to our flower craft collection. Throughout the years we have created quite a few flowers, from this beautiful footprint flower card to this popular handprint flower bouquet.

Paper flower craft

While I created a template to go along with this craft, you don’t really need it. Each flower is made up from three circles. You can use a black marker to make a different pattern on each circle and give the flower an unique look.

Mother's Day flower craft

If you decide to use our template, you can choose any three colors for the flowers. The same goes for the vase. We made ours gray as it’s a neutral color and we wanted a color that doesn’t distract your attention away from the beautiful flowers.

Paper flower bouquet craft

You can write a little message next to the vase or to the back of the white paper. This way kids can make the craft more personal for mom or grandma. If they are too young to write, they can just write their names.

Paper flower bouquet

Paper flower craft for preschoolers

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  • Flower bouquet template
  • Craft paper: green, gray and three more colors of your choice
  • White cardstock paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to make the paper flower bouquet craft

Start by printing the leaves and stems on green paper, the vase on gray paper and the three circles that form the flowers on three different colors of your choice.

Each flower is made up of three circles: one big, one medium and one small.


Glue the three circles one on top of the other, starting with the smallest one.


Glue the three flower stems to the back of the vase.

vase with stems

Add the vase at the bottom of the white cardstock paper.


Glue the leaves onto the stems.

flowers in vase

Add the flowers at the end of the stems.

Sharing is caring!