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Paper owl craft

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If you want to learn how to make an easy paper owl craft, I have the cutest owl for kids.

Paper owl craft for kids

While the template is created with preschoolers and kindergartners in mind (the template comes with big patterns that are simple for little hands to cut), this craft is great for kids of all ages.

It will help with fine motor skills. Kids will practice scissors cutting and gluing pieces together.

I love an inexpensive and fun craft that only requires a few materials. The owl is made entirely from paper and the only two things we need, besides paper, is scissors and glue.

The instructions are simple and accompanied by step by step photos.

Paper owl craft for preschoolers

Whether you make this owl because your kids love birds or you’re looking for an owl unit study resources, this craft will be a hit.

Maybe you are a teacher and you’re brainstorming for an owl theme classroom decor or fall bulletin board ideas.

While you may want to make your kids’ owls look exactly like the one I created, you can also let them pick their own colors and end up with a classroom of colorful owls, all beautiful and unique.

Easy Paper owl craft

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Paper owl craft

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Paper owl craft

How to make a paper owl

The owl craft template comes with two versions:

1. home template – Print the home template on white cardstock paper, cut out the patterns and use them as is.

2. classroom template – Print the classroom template on cardstock paper. The colors are mentioned on each page.

Step by step instructions


Start by gluing the pupils in the middle of the yellow eyes.


Glue the eyes at the top of the body.


Glue the ears at the top of the head.


Add the beak at the bottom of the ears.


Glue the belly at the bottom of the body.


Glue the wings onto the body, one on each side of the body.


Add the feet at the bottom of the body.

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