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Paper plate acorn craft

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A fun paper plate acorn craft for kids to make this fall.

Paper plate acorn craft for kids

This project combines crafting with a paper plate, sewing, scissors cutting and gluing – easy and helping kids practicing their fine motor skills. That’s why it is a great fall craft idea for preschoolers, kindergarteners as well as older kids.

Try it in the classroom, in case you are a teacher, or at home with your little ones.

The acorn craft comes with a simple template with big patterns that are easy for little hands to cut.

Easy fall craft: Paper plate acorn craft

Paper plate crafts

Paper plate crafts are among our favorites. Not only they use a material that everyone has at hand, but they are also inexpensive and fun.

Paper plates can be turned into anything from snails and clouds to unicorns and apple baskets.

Autumn paper plate acorn craft

Fall crafts

Our cute little acorn is a nice addition to our fall craft collection. Autumn is my favorite season and I try to come up with as many craft ideas as possible.

You will find a lot of apples:

and leaves:

paper plate acorn craft for preschoolers and kindergartners

I have always wondered if squirrels really remember where they bury their food and regardless if they know or not how they manage to dig it out, especially here in Minnesota where the layer of snow is so thick.

Paper plate acorn craft

Paper plate acorn craft for preschoolers and older kids

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How to make an acorn craft

Start by printing out the acorn template and cut out the patterns.

Paint a paper plate brown and set it aside to dry out completely.

Trace the shell in the middle of the paper plate and cut it out.


Use a hole punch to make holes along the edge of the shell. Cut a strand of  white yarn, thread it through a plastic yarn needle and tie one end to the needle. Tape the other end of the yarn at the back of the paper plate.

holes in shell

Start threading from bottom holes to top ones forming diagonal lines.

thread yarn through holes

Repeat the same pattern of diagonal lines but in the opposite direction.

yarn pattern

Glue the eyes onto the acorn.

glue the eyes onto the acorn

Glue the shell onto the acorn and the two leaves at the top of the shell.


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