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Paper Plate Cloud Craft

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This paper plate cloud craft may be a perfect April showers idea but really it is a good craft for any spring day. It is simple, with easy instructions for kids to follow and it uses only a few supplies.

Paper plate cloud craft

We have used paper plates before to make weather crafts, like this paper plate rainbow or this paper plate rain cloud.

Paper plate spring cloud

We really love crafting with paper plates and these days I appreciate any craft that doesn’t get me out of the house for a trip to the craft store. I make use of all the craft supplies I already have at hand and if you you’re missing something, I will give you some alternatives or variations.

Paper plate weather cloud craft

Paper plate cloud craft variations

  • You can replace the cotton balls with cotton pads, white pom poms or white paper circles
  • No googly eyes? No worries! Just use a black marker or a pencil to draw the eyes
  • No hole punch to make the holes at the bottom of the cloud? Use a pencil to punch a few holes.

Paper plate cloud craft

Weather cloud spring craft

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How to make a paper plate cloud craft

paper plate cloud

Start by drawing a cloud onto a paper plate and cut it out.


Use a hole punch to make a few holes at the bottom of your cloud.


Thread strands of white yarn through each of the holes and tie them up.

cotton balls

Glue cotton balls along the edge of the paper plate, making sure to cover the holes at the bottom of the cloud.

googly eyes

Glue the googly eyes onto the paper plate.

Use a black marker to draw a smile.


Cut out raindrops from light blue paper and glue them onto the yarn.

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