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29 DIY Valentine Gifts for School

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A great list of handmade DIY Valentine gifts for school that kids can help make.

DIY Valentines

Remember the joy of receiving a tiny note or gift from a friend on Valentine’s Day?

It’s a sweet tradition that never ages, and I’m excited to share that this year, we can make it even more personal and fun.

Instead of the store-bought cards and candies, consider the magic that unfolds when kids create their own Valentine’s gifts for classmates.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves, dive into some glitter and glue, and guide our little ones in crafting handmade Valentine gifts to share at school.

Classroom Valentines kids can make for Valentine's Day: hearts, necklaces, pencil toppers, bubbles, play dough and more #nontoygifts #valentines

Why handmade Valentines?

Sure, a trip to the store or an online order can quickly solve the classroom Valentines situation. Yet, I find crafting our own gifts adds a special sense of unique and special.

That is why we make our own handmade Valentine’s Day cards.

And that is also the reason we prefer DIY Valentines, too.

Each DIY valentine we put together becomes a special gift.

And don’t worry if you’re pressed for time; this collection of ideas is not only simple to execute, but many also include handy printables to make the process even smoother.

Valentine kids can make for Valentine's Day

Valentines kids can make

Let’s get the little ones involved in crafting Valentine gifts for their classmates.

They’ll beam with pride as they share these handmade treasures with their classmates.

Let’s not overlook a special creation for their teacher!

DIY Valentine Gifts for School

I grouped the Valentines in categories so you can easily browse and find your favorites. Several come with free printables so make sure to click on the links to get the printables.

Valentines in mini jars

These LEGO Valentines in mini jars are great for kids who love to build and crate with LEGOs. Perfect if you are looking for non-candy Valentine ideas.

LEGO Valentines in mini jars

I love getting crafty with my kids, especially for Valentine’s Day.

One fun project we came up with is perfect for any LEGO enthusiast in their class.

We start with a mini jar and carefully select just a few LEGO bricks, enough to spark creativity but not overwhelm.

Then, my kids pick out a special LEGO figurine.

I applied a bit of glue to the bottom of the figurine and secured it to the jar lid.

It’s like a little LEGO kingdom in a jar, ready to be given to a friend.

Not only do the kids have a blast making them, but these pint-sized presents also turn out to be a huge hit in the classroom!

I love you to Reese’s pieces

Add a sweet touch to Valentine’s Day with a simple and tasty project that’s perfect for kids to create and share.

Take a small jar and fill it with delicious Reese’s pieces, then attach the included printable tag with a piece of string.

It’s an adorable Valentine that classmates will love, blending creativity with everyone’s favorite peanut butter treat. (in case of no food allergies in the classroom)

I love you to pieces

Grab a miniature puzzle and fill a small glass container with the jumbled pieces.

Next, tie a printable tag to the jar with a decorative string.

The magical moment comes when kids piece together not just the puzzle but also the heartfelt message you’ve crafted for them.

Hugs and kisses Valentines

Filling a tiny jar with Hugs and Kisses creates a delightful little surprise for anyone on your Valentine list.

It’s a sweet, simple way to show you care without going overboard on the sugar or the budget.

Crafting these jars is a breeze and a kid-friendly activity, so involve the young ones for added fun.

Once ready, they can proudly distribute them to friends and teachers, making Valentine’s Day that much sweeter.

Valentines kids can make – Slime

Be my Valen-slime!

Here is a squishy, stretchy, spectacular idea you’ll just love for Valentine’s Day — homemade slime!

It’s a snap with just three ingredients.

First, mix up your favorite slime recipe.

Once it’s all smooth and slimey, scoop it into small plastic containers.

But here’s the fun part: top it off with a printable that says “Be my Valen-slime!” and secure it right onto the lid.

Instantly, you’ve upgraded a simple craft into a personalized Valentine gift that’s sure to be a hit in the classroom. Who wouldn’t love their very own batch of slime from a friend?

Slime with plastic hearts

This is the sweetest twist to classic slime for Valentine’s gifts this year!

Add tiny plastic hearts into the mix for a pop of love and color.

The kids love getting their hands on this gooey creation and watching the hearts swirl around.

It’s an easy Valentine project, and the children can help sprinkle in the hearts to customize each batch.

Handing these out to classmates will become one of your kids’ favorite parts of the Valentine’s Day celebration.


To make this slime gift special, make sure to print out these charming “Be my Valen-slime!” tags and secure them onto the jar lids.

It’s such a fun spin on Valentine’s gifts!

Happy Valen-Slime Day! – free Valentine Slime gift tags

Transform slime into a festive Valentine’s surprise with some adorable gift tags just for the occasion.

“Happy Valen-Slime Day!” can be the cute pun your kiddos use to spread joy among classmates.

All you need to do is make a batch of simple slime, store it in small containers, and attach the tags.

Fluffy slime

Slime is not just fun to play with, but it’s surprisingly easy to make at home.

For this Valentine’s Day, imagine your kid’s classmates’ excitement when they open up a container of homemade fluffy slime.

Add a drop or two of pink or red food coloring to your slime to keep with the Valentine’s theme.

Once you’re done, pack the slime into small containers, and your child is ready to spread some squishy love around the classroom!

Valentines kids can make – Magnets

Thumbprint heart glass magnets

Imagine the joy as kids find these vibrant thumbprint heart glass magnets in their Valentine’s cards.

I love them because they’re not only delightful, but also a breeze to create.

Grab some clear glass gems, a little paint, and start by pressing your thumb in a heart shape on the flat side.

Let the kids have fun with different colors .

Once dry, glue a small magnet on the back. Voila!

Thumb-body loves you!

Grab your play dough and let’s make something adorable.

First, have your kid press their thumb firmly into the center to leave a perfect print.

Once that’s set, bring on the paint and transform that thumbprint into a cute love bug.

Finally, write ‘Thumb-body loves you’ at the bottom, and you’ve got a personalized magnet gift.

Valentines kids can make – kits

Make Your Own Valentine Necklace is a sweet and simple DIY Valentine favor that you can make for your kid's friends and classmates.

Make your own necklace

For a fun and interactive Valentine’s Day project, gather colorful plastic beads and lengths of string, placing them into small containers.

This allows kids to use the kit and make unique necklaces.

Not only does this activity encourage fine motor skills, but it also provides a personal gift.

Paint your own heart kit - DIY Valentine gift for kids

Paint your heart kit

I always get excited about simple yet creative craft ideas, and this one’s no exception.

First, I made a batch of salt dough and cut out heart shapes, poking a small hole near the top of each—this will be where the necklace string goes through.

After leaving the hearts to cool, I gather them up with little pots of red paint and a paintbrush, tucking each set into a clear plastic bag.

The kids get a thrill out of painting their little hearts, and transforming them into a personal piece of art they can wear

It becomes a beautiful necklace and a cherished keepsake, all nicely crafted by their own hands.

Valentines kids can make – LEGO Valentines

Easy Valentine idea for kids

LEGO Valentines

For a playful twist on Valentine’s Day, I like to gather a mix of pink and red LEGO pieces and pop them into a clear plastic bag.

This gives the little builders in class a chance to let their imaginations run wild.

Whatever they decide to build, it’s guaranteed to be a hit!

Plus, this is an engaging activity that helps with fine motor skills.

Valentine, you have the pieces of my heart!

Gather a variety of red Lego pieces and create a set of instructions for building a Lego heart.

Place the bricks and the guide into a small, transparent bag or box.

This hands-on gift will surely keep your kid’s classmates engaged!

Valentines kids can make – Play dough Valentines

You’re a-dough-rable!

For a delightful twist on Valentine’s Day gifts, hand out these charming little tubs of play-dough.

Each one sports the catchy phrase “You’re a-dough-rable!” printed on the lid.

Kids love the tactile sensation play-dough offers, and these mini play-dough containers allow them hours of fun building.

If you’re on board to create a bundle of these irresistible gifts, grab some small plastic containers, fill them with homemade or store-bought play-dough, and simply add the adorable printable on top.

It’s an easy, engaging craft that promises lots of smiles and endless possibilities for creative fun.

These play dough Valentines make great Valentine non-candy treats for preschool and kindergartner classroom party. Fun Valentine's Day activity for kids. Use heart shaped cookie cutter and decorate with beads | at Non-Toy Gifts

Play dough Valentines

For this Valentine gift, I took red or white homemade play dough, mix in a handful of plastic beads for a pop of color, and toss in a fun-shaped cookie cutter.

I bundle all these elements neatly in a transparent plastic bag.

It’s not just a Valentine’s gift; it’s an invitation for creativity.

More Valentines kids can make

Washi tape bubble Valentines

Grab those plain little bubble bottles and give them a Valentine’s makeover with some pink washi tape. 

Just wrap the tape around each bottle, creating a pattern or design of your choice. 

It’s a simple way to add a pop of color and charm. 

Tin can heart lanterns

Let’s grab some tin cans and give them a new life as charming heart lanterns for Valentine’s Day.

First, you’ll need to give the can a good clean and remove any labels.

Now, grab a nail and a hammer to carefully punch holes, tracing the shape of a heart.

The fun part comes next – let kids pick their favorite colors to paint the cans.

I would go with red, pink, or purple to keep with the theme.

Once they dry, pop a tea light inside, and watch as the heart cutouts play with light.

Paper weight rock Valentine

Grab a rock from your garden, and let’s turn it into something extraordinary! 

Write “You Rock!” across the surface, paint a few hearts and watch it transform into a cool Valentine’s Day paperweight.

It’s such a simple project but it looks amazing!

Heart necklace

Start by cutting out heart shapes from a piece of cardboard. Feel free to be creative with sizes!

Once you have your hearts, grab your favorite paints and color each one.

Allow them to dry completely.

Next, string the hearts together, alternating sizes or colors for a fun pattern.

Now you have a delightful heart necklace to gift to someone special in class.

Valentine’s Day squishy

Squishies are the perfect fidget toy for busy little hands, especially around Valentine’s Day.

You’ve seen those squeezable toys that slowly rise back to shape after giving them a good squish, right?

Well, they’re not just fun to play with; they also help with focus and stress relief.

The cool thing is, making Valentine-themed squishies as gifts can turn into a whole afternoon of crafting fun.

DIY Valentine puzzles

The process is super simple.

First, line up several craft sticks side by side, then tape them together to create a solid puzzle base.

With a red marker or some paint, draw a big heart across the sticks.

Maybe add little messages or decorate it with glitter – the sky’s the limit!

Once it’s dry, carefully remove the tape and mix up the sticks.

Each personalized puzzle then goes into a clear plastic bag.

Kids in the classroom will love assembling their Valentine heart puzzles.

Valentine experiment

You’ll need to pack a mix of baking soda and festive red heart confetti into small snack bags.

Make sure you include a cute note with simple instructions on how they can create their very own erupting volcano.

Make your own charms

This is a straight-forward project where little ones press their thumbprints into a soft clay.

Once dry, paint and seal them for durability.

By threading them onto colorful strings, you create delightful necklaces, perfect for a Valentine’s Day exchange at school.

Heart necklace

Dive into Valentine crafting with a charming heart necklace that’s perfect for school celebrations.

Grab some colorful foam hearts from your local craft store, and a bunch of beads – the sparklier, the better.

Thread the beads onto a durable string, alternating them to create a stunning pattern.

Once happy with the design, tie off the ends securely.

Pipe cleaner pencil toppers

Kids adore adding a personal flair to their school supplies, and what better way to do that than with pipe cleaner pencil toppers?

These vibrant, fuzzy accessories are not only fun to make but also spark imagination as kids twist and shape them into unique designs.

Whether they opt for spirals, hearts, or their favorite animals, these toppers will surely brighten their school day and serve as quirky, handmade gifts for friends.

Valentine volcano

This gifts combines fun and learning in one little bag.

Just pack a bit of baking soda and a sprinkle of red heart confetti into a plastic bag.

Add the free printable, and you are all set.

Heart bath bombs

Bath bombs are appreciated any day of the year but on Valentine’s Day, they are even more special.

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