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Paint Your Own Heart – DIY Valentine Gifts for Kids

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Put together a darling paint your own heart kit for kids this Valentine’s Day. It’s an easy DIY Valentine gift that will sparkle creativity and create memories.

Paint your own heart kit - DIY Valentine gifts for kids to make for the classroom. #valentines #valentinesday #valentinesgifts

If you want to stay away from candy this Valentine’s Day, here is a nice gift idea for you to make Valentines for the classroom or neighbors’ kids.  It’s a little paint kit that kids can use to create their own heart necklace or decoration. This paint your own heart kit contains a little heart, a paintbrush and glitter red paint.

I made these Valentine gifts last year and our neighbors sent me photos of their kids painting the hearts and wearing their necklaces. It was a hit and I couldn’t have been happier. We still have the necklaces our boys created.

Paint your own heart kit

Paint your own heart kit - DIY Valentine gift for kids

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Paint your own heart gifts for Valentines day

I made the hearts myself using salt dough and a small heart cookie cutter. You can use your favorite salt dough recipe (If you don’t have one, just google it. There are plenty of recipes online) or clay . Don’t roll the salt dough or clay too thin as the hearts could break very easily. Thicker is better even if it takes more time for them to dry. Once you have made all the hearts, use a straw for the little hole at the top of the hearts. (do this before you let them dry).

Here are some paint color options: red, glitter red, pink or purple. Feel free to use any other color.

Place a heart, paint and one paintbrush inside a clear gift bag, staple and decorate with a few heart stickers. You can also include a little note inside or a small card.


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