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3D Heart Bear Craft

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A beautiful 3D heart bear craft for kids to make for Valentine’s Day.

I’m a big fan of fun crafts that are easy to make and require supplies you already have at hand. In this case, the craft is made entirely from paper and it comes with a simple template, for your convenience.

3D heart bear craft for kids to make for Valentine's Day

I have created several Valentine heart bears in the past, from these adorable bears to these heart bear cards. What’s fun about making bear crafts is that you can either use the template to make a polar bear or a brown bear.

3D heart polar bear craft
3D heart brown bear craft

The 3D heart that our bear holds in his arms makes the craft stand out.

Kids can write short messages on each heart for a more personal touch.

For more ideas to try in the classroom or at home with your kids, please check out our entire collection of Valentine’s crafts.

Valentine 3D heart bear craft for kids

The Story of the Teddy Bear

Did you know that the Teddy Bear was invented in honor of president Theodore Roosevelt, who was often referred to as “Teddy”?

Invited at a bear hunting trip, where several other hunters managed to kill an animal, the president didn’t find any bear. His assistants however located a black bear and tied it up to a tree. They suggested to Roosevelt that he shoot it but the president refused as he found this unsportsmanlike.

This event became the topic of a political cartoon, which inspired a toy maker to create a teddy bear.

Teddy bears remain popular stuffed animals to these days.

3D heart bear craft

Valentine's Day 3D heart bear craft

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How to make a 3D heart bear craft

The bear craft template comes with two versions:

1. home template – print the template, cut out the patterns and trace them on appropriate paper.

2. classroom template – print the pattern directly on colored paper and cut them out.

This way you can easily craft with just one or two kids as well as with a classroom full of students.

Step by step instructions

Choose what bear you want to make: polar bear or brown paper and print the head on either white or brown paper.


Glue the eyes at the top of the head, above the circle.


Glue the nose inside the circle.


Use a black marker to draw the mouth inside the circle.


Glue the head and body together.

folded hearts

Fold four hearts in half.

2 hearts glued together

Apply glue to one of the folded halves of a heart. Attach another folded heart onto the first and align them together.

4 hearts glued together

Repeat until all four hearts are glued together.

bear with heart

Glue the 3D heart in the middle of the body.


Glue the paws onto the body, one on each side of the heart.

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