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16 Batman crafts for kids

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If your kids’ favorite superhero is Batman and you want to pair a Batman book or movie with a fun activity or you’re looking for easy batman crafts for kids to celebrate Batman Day, this article is for you!

Batman crafts for kids to celebrate Batman Day

When my boys were little and they were going through the super hero phase I found it hard at times to connect with them. Batman and Superman didn’t interest me much, so playing superheroes was so boring to me.

Superhero crafts was where my boys and I could meet halfway and all have a good time.

My youngest was obsessed with Batman and because he’s so passionate about everything that interests him, we ended up making more Batman crafts than Spiderman crafts – my other son was into Spiderman.

Sometimes we managed to squeeze both superheroes into one crafting session, like we did with these superhero grass pots.

Batman crafts for kids. Make Batman puppets, mask, interactive crafts and more

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  • Batman is known as the greatest detective in the world
  • Unlike most superheroes he doesn’t have any super powers. Instead he replies on his intellect, technology, detective and fighting skills as well as his wealth.
  • There is a town in Turkey called Batman
  • Bruce Wayne, Batman’s real name, is a combination of two actual heroes


  • Read a Batman book
  • Dress up as Batman and Robin. If you don’t have costumes, time to improvise with a black cape for Batman and a yellow cape for Robin
  • Play a superhero match game for kids
  • Watch a Batman movie
  • Make one of the Batman crafts for kids listed below

Batman crafts for kids

Batman crafts: interactive paper plate craft, paper bag Batman, Batman grass head and paper roll Batman

Help Batman fly over Gotham City at night and protect it with an interactive paper plate craft. Depending on the kids’ age, an adult may have to do part of the cutting. But kids will love painting the paper plate blue.

A paper bag Batman is very easy to make and it can be used as a puppet if kids stick their hand inside.

Help kids paint a flower pot as Gotham City and plant a handful of seeds. It can be grass seeds or cat grass seeds, wheat, rye or even beans. Watching the seeds grow is such a fun experience and science experiment for kids.

Got a paper roll? Use colored paper and turn it easily into a Batman toy kids can play with.

Batman crafts : handprint Batman, wrist cuffs and mask

A simple handprint Batman that can become a card or a bedroom decoration.

These Batman wrist cuffs are so adorable and should definitely make it to your list because your little one will love them. Wearing them will make your kid feel more like a superhero themselves.

Another Batman handprint craft – this one uses paint and it’s equally cute!

Imagine paring this Batman mask with the wrist cuffs and add a black cape – you got yourself a perfect Batman costume. Your kids will play, eat and sleep in it 🙂

Batman crafts: shadow puppets, mason jar banks, wooden spoon superhero and Batcave sign

The Batman puppets are perfect for a shadow show your kids can put together for the family.

Create good money saving habits for your kids with a Batman mason jar banks.

Just like paper rolls, wooden spoons are amazing craft supplies as you can turn them into almost any character you want – in this case Batman and his superhero friends.

A Lego Batcave sign for a Batman fan’s bedroom – brilliant!

Batman snowflake, paper plate Batman, Batmobile craft and Batman and Robin craft for kids

Winter will look even more magical with Batman paper snowflakes around the house.

An easy paper plate Batman kids will love to include in their play.

Batman needs his Batmobile so learn how to make one for him.

Because a superhero needs his sidekick, you may want to create both Batman and Robin from paper rolls.

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