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28 Leaf Crafts

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Introducing an amazing collection of leaf crafts for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids. Get ready to unleash your creativity and have a blast with this fun-filled activities.

Creating leaves with paper and other supplies is a fun and engaging activity for a fall day. While we encourage you to go outside in nature, collect real leaves and turn those into crafts, our collection explores ways you can make leaves with materials you have already in your household.

28 leaf crafts for kids

Benefits of leaf crafting:

Creativity and imagination: Leaf crafts provide an opportunity for kids to express their creativity and use their imagination. They can make leaves of different shapes, sizes, and colors for their unique artwork or craft projects.

Sensory experience: Crafting with different supplies provides a sensory experience for kids. They can feel the texture of different materials they work with. This sensory engagement adds an extra layer of fun and stimulation to the crafting process.

Seasonal connection: Leaf crafts are particularly enjoyable during the fall season when leaves change colors and fall from trees. By creating leaves, kids can connect with the seasonal changes happening around them, fostering a deeper appreciation for nature and the cycle of seasons.

Pride in accomplishment: Completing the leaf craft project gives kids a sense of accomplishment and pride. They can see the tangible results of their efforts, whether it’s a leaf collage, a leaf garland, or a leaf wreath. This sense of achievement boosts their self-confidence and encourages them to explore more creative activities.

Bonding and social interaction: Leaf crafts can be a fun group activity, encouraging kids to work together, share ideas and collaborate. They can help each other with cutting or gluing, and showcase their finished creations to one another, fostering social interaction and friendship.

More fall crafts for kids:

leaf crafts for preschoolers and older kids

Overall, leaf crafts for kids offer a combination of sensory engagement, creativity, and seasonal connection, making them an incredibly fun and enjoyable activity. It allows kids to express themselves and create lasting memories.

Leaf Crafts

leaf crafts with paper plate, yarn and mosaic

Color changing leaf craft : This craft brings a magical touch as the vibrant hues transform and mimic the changing foliage of fall.

Paper mosaic autumn art project: This leaf craft combines the beauty of fall colors and the creativity of mosaic design, resulting in a stunning masterpiece that captures the essence of the season.

Tissue paper autumn leaf craft: The tissue paper brings vibrant colors and texture to this leaf.

Yarn leaf: A leaf created with yarn adds a cozy and textured twist to traditional leaf crafts.

leaf crafts made with tissue, paper and watercolor

Fall rake craft: This craft engages kids in imaginative play as they create their own mini rakes, ready to gather colorful paper leaves.

Easy leaf craft for preschoolers: Using painted coffee filters, kids can create stunning leaves that mimic the vibrant hues of fall, transforming simple materials into beautiful and colorful works of art.

Autumn leaf suncatcher: This craft captures the essence of the season as sunlight filters through translucent leaves, casting a warm and enchanting glow that illuminates the space.

Watercolor resist fall leaf painting: With this art project, kids can experiment with vibrant hues and explore the magic of watercolor as the was resist technique reveals intricate leaf shapes, resulting in a stunning masterpiece that celebrates the beauty of nature.

easy leaf crafts for kids

Autumn doodle art: This project allows kids to let their imagination run wild as they create whimsical and intricate designs filled with fall-themed elements.

Carboard tube fall tree art: Using cardboard tubes to create fall tree art provides a fun and eco-friendly way for kids to explore their artistic skills, as they transform simple materials into craft supplies.

Pointillism leaf art: This project introduces preschoolers to the fascinating technique of creating intricate leaf designs by using tiny dots of paint, allowing them to explore color mixing, fine motor skills, and the joy of creating a masterpiece, one dot a a time.

Mess-free sensory leaf painting: The project provides a delightful and tactile experience for young kids, as they create a beautiful leaf without worrying about any messy cleanup afterwards.

leaf crafts made with yarn and paper

Accordion fold paper leaves: This project offers step by step instructions how to create a three-dimensional leaf art- kids fold and unfold colorful paper strips, resulting in a beautiful and interactive display that showcases their crafting skills.

Yarn leaf décor: This yarn leaf décor adds a cozy and rustic touch to any space.

Newspaper leaf garland: This craft repurposes old newspapers into a charming and eco-friendly decoration. Kids cut newspaper leaves, paint and strung them together to create a unique garland that celebrates the beauty of fall.

Mixed media leaf art collage: This art collage combines various materials into a visually captivating and textured masterpiece.

easy fall crafts for kids

Fall luminaries: These luminaries are perfect for the cool fall nights, casting a warm and inviting glow through cut leaf patterns.

Watercolor leaf bookmarks: The bookmarks will add a touch of artistic beauty to reading, making them delightful companions for book lovers to mark their pages in style.

Marbled clay leaves: These leaf decorations bring a unique and elegant touch to any space, as the swirling patterns and rich colors of the clay create stunning and eye-catching leaf-shaped ornaments.

Paper leaf stick puppets: Offer endless imaginative play possibilities to your kids with these colorful and whimsical characters using paper and sticks.

easy fall crafts for preschoolers

Easy paper leaves: These leaves make a simple yet great fall craft, perfect for decorating walls, windows, or even creating a festive garland.

Felt leaf finger puppets: These provide a fun and interactive way for kids to engage in imaginative play, bringing stories to life with their creative storytelling.

Yarn wrapped leaf craft: This craft combines the beauty of nature with the cozy texture of yarn.

Paper plate leaf wreath: A delightful and easy craft that transforms a simple paper plate into a stunning fall decoration.

leaf crafts made with chalk, yarn and watercolor

Fall leaf chalk pastel art: This art project allows kids to explore the vibrant colors of fall using calk.

Easy leaf craft for preschoolers: These leaves offer a delightful and tactile crafting experience as kids can creatively wrap colorful yarn around cut-out cardboard leaves.

Leaf wreath craft: The craft allows kids to embrace the spirit of fall as they cut out and decorate leaf shapes, then attach them to a paper plate wreath base.

Leaf scribble pattern art: The art project invites kids to explore their creativity as they freely doodle and scribble leaves, resulting in a unique and abstract artwork.

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