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20 Lorax Crafts for Kids

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If The Lorax is one of your favorite Dr Seuss books, here are several ways you can explore the great story and message beyond the pages of the book. I have put together a collection of 20 Lorax crafts for kids.

They are perfect for Dr Seuss Day or for any other day of the year. The Lorax is a awesome character to love and create anytime.

Besides, Lorax, this list also contains many ideas for you to create the Truffula trees. 

Lorax crafts for kids: cafts made with paper plates, paper rolls, salt dough, cups, paper bags - recycled crafts. Create mug, windsocks, bookmark, Trufulla trees and more. Dr Seuss crafts for classroom or home. #nontoygifts #lorax #drseuss

Several of these crafts come with printable templates, so make sure to click on the links below and take a look at the tutorials.

You will get a chance to craft with paper, coffee filters,  recyclables and many other materials.

Make beautiful decorations or practical bookmarks and maybe even a gift or two for dad.

Lorax crafts for kids

Lorax crafts for kids. Easy Dr Seuss crafts

For more Dr Seuss craft ideas, check out these 24 Cat in the Hat crafts for kids. 

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Lorax crafts for kids 2
Lorax crafts for kids 3
Lorax crafts for kids 4
Lorax crafts for kids 5

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