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Lorax Windsocks

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I make sure to never run out of paper rolls in our home. They make great craft materials. Nothing beats a fun cheap craft that uses recyclables, right? So let’s put those paper rolls to good use and turn them into Lorax windsocks.

Lorax windsocks - Dr Seuss inspired craft for kids. Paper roll Lorax craft. #nontoygifts

We made our first windsocks last year and we used tin cans back then.

Paper rolls are a much kid friendlier choice.

Besides, I hardly buy any canned food except for tomato sauce so we don’t have cans to use.

But paper rolls are always to be found in any household.

Lorax windsocks for kids to make

I made the Lorax windsocks last week and hung them in one of our backyard trees.

We had already a lot of snow, as you can notice in the photos, but it snowed even more since then.

So now our Lorax has its streams buried in deep snow and has a snow hat, too. It looks so funny.

Lorax windsocks - Dr Seuss craft for kids

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Lorax windsocks

Lorax craft for kids

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How to make the Lorax windsocks

Start by painting the paper roll orange and set it aside for the paint to dry completely.

In the meantime you can draw on yellow paper the mustache and eyebrows. Cut them out and once the paint is dry, you can glue the mustache onto the paper roll.

Lorax mustache

Add the googly eyes above the mustache.

Lorax eyes

Glue the eyebrows, one on each side.

Lorax eyebrows

The pom pom goes just above the mustache.

Use a black marker to draw a little mouth.

Use the hole punch to make two holes at the top of the paper roll, one hole on each side of the Lorax. The holes should be across from one another so you could see through them.

Lorax string

Thread one end of the yarn through one hole and tie it up. Thread the other end of the yarn through the other end and tie it up.

Cut 8 pieces of the crepe streamer of the same length. We used yellow streamers but orange will work too. You can even combine the two colors. Glue the streamers at the bottom of the paper roll, on the inside.

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