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20 Snail Crafts

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Looking for fun and engaging springtime crafts for preschoolers and older kids? Ideas on how to make a snail craft or to include in a snails and slugs science unit study for elementary students? You will find here plenty of colorful snail crafts that kids and you will love.

These snail crafts incorporate several so many different mediums, from paper plates and pipe cleaners to clay and rocks.

20 snail crafts for kids

Browse for your favorite, click on the links below the pictures to view the tutorials and let’s get crafting!

Snail crafts

snail crafts for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids

Have you ever seen so many cheerful snail crafts in one place? Don’t they make you feel happy? I love the colorful colors and the many ways to create snails.

snail crafts 1
  • This snail comes with a template big enough for little hands to easily cut out
  • With just a paper plate and paper make an adorable paper plate snail
  • Use circles of different sizes to make the snail’s shell – a great opportunity to review shapes with kids
  • A snail on a mushroom – now this is too cute!
snail crafts 2
  • Use stickers to decorate these snails not only as a way to make them look prettier but also to encourage kids to use their fine motor skills
  • Paper scraps are perfect shell decoration for the paper plate snails
  • Have you ever tried cotton ball painting? If not, now is a great time to start and make a cotton ball painted snail
  • Paper stacking snails – another great way to use up the scrap paper in your craft room
snail crafts 3
snail crafts 4
  • If your kids are going through a rock collecting phase, make sure to use some of them to make these rock snails
  • Newspaper snails – a great way to recycle newspaper and create colorful snails
  • Grab those markers and let’s color cute paper snails
  • Got some old CDs? Here is an idea: recycle them into CD snails!
snail crafts 5

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