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Mother’s Day Flower Trophy Craft

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This Mother’s Day flower trophy craft was inspired by our Mother’s Day spinner. One of the elements in there was: “Mom, you are…the best”. Kids had to color a trophy above the words “the best”. And on the trophy you can read the words: “World’s best mom”.

Mother's Day flower trophy craft for kids

Creating this Mother’s Day flower trophy craft has been on my mind for a while. I felt that adding flowers to the trophy would make a nice addition.

We have created several flower crafts for mom throughout the years, from the flower bouquet spinner to the handprint flower bouquet. Mom can’t have enough flowers on her special day! If it’s a flower card (16 Mother’s Day flower cards) or a flower craft (13 Mother’s Day flower crafts), she will love them all.

Mother's Day flower trophy craft for preschoolers

The trophy template comes with the sign: “World’s best mom” and the variation “World’s best mum”. It also has a blank sign in case you want to make the craft for grandma or write your own words.

Kids can color the flowers and leaves or you can print them directly on colored paper.

Mother's Day flower trophy craft kids can make for mom

Mother’s Day flower trophy craft


Mother's Day flower trophy craft for mom from kids

How to make the Mother’s Day flower trophy

The trophy template comes with two versions:

1. template – option 1– print the template, cut out the patterns and trace them on corresponding paper.

2. template – option 2 – print the pattern directly on colored paper and cut them out.

This way you can easily craft with just one or two kids as well as with a classroom full of students.

Easy Mother's Day flower trophy craft

Step by step directions

Start by gluing the handles to the back of the trophy, one handle on each side of the trophy.


Glue the sign “World’s best mom/mum” in the middle of the trophy.

World's best mom

Add the trophy in the middle of a white cardstock paper.

trophy on paper

Glue the base at the bottom of the trophy.

trophy base

Color the flowers and leaves and glue them at the top of the trophy. Start with the two flowers on the sides.

two flowers

Glue the leaves at the back of the third flower and glue the flower at top of the other two flowers, right in the middle.

three flowers

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