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20 Veggie Crafts

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Whether you’re looking for a simple and fun spring crat idea or try to encourage your kid to eat their vegetables, you will love these 20 veggie crafts .

20 veggie crafts for kids

Use different supplies, from paper and paper plates to felt and rocks to create some common veggies that kids will recognize and love or introduce them to new veggies they are not familiar with yet. Plenty of choices, from carrots and corn to eggplant and bell pepper.

Learn how to make a vegetable craft and enjoy spending time teaching your little ones about veggies. Explain why they are important to out diet, what they need to grow or what part of the plant we eat.

veggie crafts for kids

May isn’t over yet and we ate the first veggies from my garden this past weekend. I can’t tell you how excited I was to harvest radishes. First year I plant seeds so early in the season. It was only after reading a book about gardening that I learned some seeds can be planted before the last frosting. And this is awesome when you live in a state like Minnesota.

Now, let’s get back to our vegetable craft ideas and get busy.

20 Veggie crafts

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veggie crafts for kids 2
veggie crafts for kids 3
veggie crafts for kids 4
Vegetable crafts

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