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36 Penguin Crafts For Kids

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Let’s get crafty with these adorable penguin crafts for kids!

36 penguin crafts for kids

Whether you’re looking for an easy craft to keep your kid busy on a winter day or you want to read a fun book or watch a movie with a penguin as a main character and would like to pair it with a penguin craft, I’ve got plenty of options for you.

Or maybe your kid(s) would like to study and find out more about Antarctic animals.

Penguin crafts for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids


Penguin crafts for kids

These 36 penguin crafts offer plenty of opportunities for kids to work on their fine motor skills and are great to make at home or in the classroom.

Shape penguin winter craft

Shape penguins – What a great way to review shapes with your kids! They can mix and match the shapes and come up with their unique penguin. Don’t forget to decorate your penguin!

Paper plate penguin with yarn belly

Paper plate penguin – This penguin is created with two of my favorite materials: paper plate and yarn. Kids will work on their fine motor skills while threading yarn through the holes to make the penguin’s belly.

3D shape penguin craft for kids

3D shape penguin – This penguin is made with shapes and has a 3D belly created with circles. The big patterns made this penguin a great craft for preschoolers.

Easy penguin craft for kids

Paper penguin – With his hat and scarf, this penguin is ready for a snowy day!

Easy winter craft for kids: penguin winsocks

Penguin windsocks – Don’t throw away those paper rolls! Instead turn them into adorable penguin windsocks to dance in your yard and put a smile on your face every day.

Torn paper penguin – Tearing paper has a lot of benefits for kids. Now you can use those torn paper pieces to make cute crafts, like our penguin.

Penguin hats – Color your penguin headband or print a colored one and wear it for a fun look.

Footprint penguins – Young kids love footprint and handprint crafts and they will definitely want to try these penguins.

Penguin rocks – These painted penguin rocks can be used for a pretend play once they dry out.

Paper roll penguins – Make a penguin family and add some babies too.

Paper penguins – I love the heads of these penguins. They look like they are interacting with one another.

Penguin bookmarks – You can’t have too many bookmarks and these penguins are adorable.

Penguin card – You can use this card for Christmas or add a red heart and turn it into a Valentine’s Day card.

Penguin hat – A silly hat for a fun winter day at home or at school.

Movable penguins – Use a paper plate to make an interactive craft that kids will enjoy playing with.

Penguin coin pouch – Why save money in a store bough piggy bank, when you can have a DIY penguin coin pouch?

Paper plate penguin – A smiling penguin that will brighten up your day.

Quilling penguin craft – This penguin is great for kids to work on their fine motor skills.

Handprint penguin – Make winter scene with these adorable penguins.

Footprint penguin – Use gray paint to make a baby penguin and black paint for the parent penguin.

Paper penguin – Use the free template to make this simple penguin.

Penguin poppers – These are perfect for a winter party day or any day kids would like to have some fun play

Penguin artwork – Use penguin stickers to make a fun artwork piece

Pop up penguin – Make a whole colony of these penguins and play with them

Penguin card – I love the hat. A bow tie could also be a nice accessory.

Origami penguin – Kids love origami and this one is so easy to make.

Pop up penguin card – If you add a heart to the penguin, this card would be perfect for Valentine’s Day

Paper plate penguin wreath – Decorate the classroom or your home with this penguin wreath.

Paper plate penguin chick puppet – This is a great interactive craft for kids to play with.

Paper cup penguin windsocks – Decorate your yard with penguin windsocks that will dance in the wind.

Penguin bookmark corner – Make one for your favorite book.

Origami penguins – More origami penguins but using a different folding strategy.

Potato printed penguin cards – These cards are easy to be made by preschoolers and older kids will love them too.

Clay penguin photo holder – Make them as gifts for family members or for your own family pictures.

Penguin softie – Cute to snuggle with and easy to sew by kids.

Penguin finger puppets – Use those felt scraps to make a few penguin puppets.

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