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3D Earth Day Decoration

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Are you ready for Earth Day? Whether you’re teaching in a classroom or looking for engaging crafts to do at home, this 3D Earth Day decoration is the perfect choice for encouraging Earth Day awareness.

This unique 3D Earth Day decoration craft is made with 3 circles that are folded and glued together to create a colorful Earth Day artwork that can easily be hung up. The three sides include: a visual of the Earth, a “HAPPY EARTH DAY” text, and a blank writing circle.

The writing circle has three different options for prompts: “I can help the Earth,” “I heart the Earth,” and “My Earth Day promise.” The writing circle can be single lined or primary lined.

3D Earth Day decoration craft for kids

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Each writing prompt is perfect for classroom or at-home settings. You can give children examples of answers to the prompts, then allow them to create their own answer for their personalized craft.

Kids who might think that there’s nothing kids can do to help the planet will be pleased to learn all about the many ways they can help, including but not limited to:

  • Repairing broken items instead of throwing them away
  • Reusing items like plastic bags
  • Paying attention to how much water and energy they use


This craft is part of an amazing Earth Day craft bundle. Make sure to check it out.

Earth Day crafts for kids

This craft is ideal for children young or old, thanks to the options that make it more or less complex depending on your particular needs. The larger template is ideal for preschoolers, while the smaller template is perfect for older children thanks to its slightly more difficult set-up.

3D Earth Day decoration

3D Earth Day decoration for kids to make and celebrate Earth Day

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Step by step instructions

Start by printing the template on white paper.

color the Earth

Color the Earth.

color the second circle

Color the two circles on the Happy Earth Day pattern.

Choose one writing prompt or several to include in the decoration.

fold circles in half

Fold all circles in half.

glue first two circles together

Glue the first two circles back-to-back making sure to align them.

tape yarn

Cut a strand of yarn, fold it in half and tape it to the back of the first two circles that are glued together.

glue all circles together to make the 3D Earth Day decoration

Continue gluing the writing prompt circle(s) back-to-back.

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