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Paper Plate Heart Penguin Craft

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We have turned a paper plate into a penguin before but today we’re giving it a twist and add a big red heart to our cute little penguin. This paper plate heart penguin is a fun winter or Valentine’s Day craft as well as a simple sewing project for kids.

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Paper plate heart penguin craft to make with kids on Valentine's Day. Cute winter craft with yarn. #penguins #valentinesday #valentinecraft

Paper plate heart penguin craft

Paper plate heart penguin craft for kids

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  • paper plate
  • black paint
  • pencil scissors
  • hole punch
  • red yarn
  • plastic yarn needle
  • black and orange cardstock paper
  • googly eyes
  • glue
Paper plate heart penguin made with yarn

Step 1: Start by painting your paper plate black. Set it aside to dry.

Step 2: Draw a heart in the middle of the paper plate and cut it out. You could also start by cutting the heart first and only then paint the rest of the paper plate.

Step 3: Use a hole punch to make holes along the heart. Cut a strand of red yarn, thread it through the plastic yarn needle and tie one end to the needle. Tape the other end of the yarn at the back of the paper plate. You can now start threading the yarn through the holes in the paper plate. You can go through the holes one or more times. Keep on threading until you reach the end of your yarn. Secure the end of the yarn to the back of the paper plate with tape.

Step 4: Cut a triangle from orange cardstock paper and glue it on top of the heart. Glue the googly eyes just above the beak.

Step 5: Cut out the the penguins’ flippers from black paper and its feet from orange paper. Glue them on the paper plate.


Paper plate penguin with a yarn heart

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Sharing is caring!